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Selected Work

I worked as a staff reporter at TIME Magazine, Business Insider, and The Huffington Post, and I have been a regular contributor to Fortune, Women's Health, and Teen Vogue. Covering topics ranging from business to lifestyle, health to the intersection of technology and culture, my writing has also appeared in the Los Angeles Times, New York Magazine's Vulture, Refinery29, Vogue, Real Simple, and more. 

The Intersection of Technology and Culture

The New Dating Game (TIME, cover story)

The Few, The Proud: The Millennials Who Still Use Flip Phones (TIME)

Welcome to the New Era of High Fashion and Video Game Collaborations (Fortune)

Meet the First Viral Snapchat Stars: Making 6 Figures for a Self-Destructing Shot (TIME)

Finding Love in the Virtual World: When Avatars Meet IRL (Huffington Post) 


My Night at the Taco Bell Hotel: What It's Like Going on Vacation in an Ad (Fortune)

The Complete History of How Bacon Took Over the World (TIME)

Inside the Ridiculously Comlicated Process of Buying a Super Bowl Ad (Business Insider)

Sexy Pizza? This Company  Makes the World's Strangest 'Sexy' Halloween Costumes (TIME)

CEO Dads Open Up About Balancng Fatherhod and Work (TIME)


Young Adult Authors Discuss Writing in the Age of Trump (Los Angeles Times)

When Viewers and Networks Don't Agree on TV Hashtags (TIME)

Remembering O.J. Simpson's Bizarre Prank Reality TV Show (Vogue)

Shonda Rhimes: Why We Need to Talk About Abortion on TV (TIME)

Bye, Bye, Bay: Former Child Stars Look Back on Retiring Young (TIME)

Health and Fitness

How Yoga is Helping HIV-Positive Rwandan Women Cope With Trauma (The Huffington Post)

The Guide to Becoming a Runner — Even If You Hate Running (Refinery29)

The Benefits of Having an Exercise Partner (Everyday Health)

25 Outdoor Running Routes You Need To Try In Your Lifetime (Women’s Health)

Assortment of medical explainers—periods, pregnancy, back pain, and more—for Women's Health

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